Gerth Kuusk Designer / artist

Physiotherapy equipment "UPIK"

Upik is a ball game used in physiotherapy to promote motor skills in children with developmental delays. Its playful scenario motivates them to improve eye-hand coordination, grabbing and releasing objects, reaching up, crouching, pulling to a standing position and standing with support. The honeycomb-like structure creates a network of ramps for the ball to roll down and also acts as a standing aid for the child. The simple exterior of the wall allows the therapist to help the child from any direction and the bottom plate ensures that the wall stays firmly upright.

Upik can be easily disassembled for compact storage and convenient transport. The components are made out of Valchromat – a material comprising of natural pinewood, organic dyes and special resins that is well-suited for the construction of children’s products. This product was developed as a student project in TLU Haapsalu College in cooperation with The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation.

Beach equipment "WAVE"

The main goal of this project was to map different problems and offer new solutions to mitigate or solve the problems connected to Paralepa beach in Haapsalu. One of the issues was the fact that the water level is low and people need to walk a long distance before they can start swimming. New concept contains rafts and statues to alleviate that problem. The straight line of statues gives information how far you need to go to find water deep enough for swimming. Rafts can be used to sunbathe next to the swimming area so they are removing the need to walk long distances every time people want to swim. New set of items contained also shower cabins and information board for air and water temperatures.

This project was a group work in Haapsalu College lectured by Leonardo Meigas. Sketches, pictures and 3D models presented on this portfolio are made by Gerth Kuusk.

Chair "G1"

Mood lamp inspired by Victor Vasarely







Joonistused: minginimi

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